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Who are we?

HEAT-MX provides breakthrough innovations in a wide range of textile applications such as apparel, footwear, gloves, home textiles, sleeping bags, food bags and many other products. Thanks to the performance benefits and environmental contributions never before seen in the industry, HEAT-MX’s technologies have been recognized by the prestigious ISPO Top of Innovations Awards. With the breakthrough innovations HEAT-MX offers, enjoy the gifts of outdoors without any limitations! 

Our Mission

To create breakthrough innovations in the thermal insulation material industry and benefit everyone with unprecedented performance features combined with significant environmental benefits.

Our Vision

Give people an environmental plan they can actually believe in and be a part of.

ISPO Top of Innovation Awards
ISPO Top of Innovation Awards

Clean RecyCling Initiative

With this mission, HEAT-MX invented the most sustainable technology platform in the global textile industry, i.e. Clean Recycling Initiative and donated it to a Montreal-based non-profit organization established under the same name. Our goal is to benefit everyone around the world, including our competitors, with the critical technology platform of Clean Recycling Initiative.

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January 2007 – First iPhone launch presentation

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything

– Steve Jobs

Introducing breakthrough

technologies of HEAT-MX