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Pioneering Warmth: The HEAT-MX Story

In a world where the cold limits potential, HEAT-MX stands as a beacon of innovation, driven by the vision of our founder, Sae Chang. From our inception, we've been more than a company; we've been a revolution in thermal technology.

Founded on Innovation

The founder and a textile engineer, Sae Chang's journey began with a question: How can we push the boundaries of thermal insulation to enhance everyday lives? With this in mind, HEAT-MX was born, rooted in the relentless pursuit of creating the world's most advanced thermal insulation materials.

Quality and Integrity

HEAT-MX boasts the most diverse range of thermal insulation products in the market, catering to an array of sectors including sports, fashion, workwear, law enforcement, military, uniform apparel, home textiles, and outdoor gear like sleeping bags and food carriers.

Our Philosophy

HEAT-MX’s primary philosophy is to serve everyone with the most advanced thermal technology regardless of whether consumers buy luxury or inexpensive goods because everyone needs to be protected against cold weather.  With this philosophy integrated in the product offerings, HEAT-MX does not offer product tiers with different price points unlike other competitors in the market.  The only categorization HEAT-MX offers is the customized performance metrics for different characteristics of body parts and environmental features.     

Our Commitment

Sae Chang — Founder & CEO.

Our proprietary technology with multiple patent-pending IPs is at the forefront of thermal insulation, offering unparalleled warmth without bulk. By choosing HEAT-MX, you’re opting for leading-edge products that deliver superior performance.​

At HEAT-MX, we aim to benefit the public with truly sustainable technology solutions and embrace this by developing and donating the most sustainable technology platform in the industry, Clean Recycling Initiative (patent-pending).

HEAT-MX’s influence extends across continents, yet our focus remains on providing personalized solutions. We listen to your needs and tailor our technologies to meet them, ensuring that our partnership is as impactful as it is intimate.​

Industry Leadership

Our innovations have set new industry standards, and by partnering with us, you join a lineage of excellence.


Discover our breakthrough technologies.

" I walk extensively...usually between 8 and 12 km a day...and I was afraid the Ice Fields (with HEAT-MX insulation material) wouldn't be warm enough, or comfortable enough for the longer walks, but they are! ... Really very pleased with them. "

— Jane Stoddard (Customer)

" Over the past several seasons, HEAT-MX Worldwide has consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of products and services. It is exceedingly rare to find an organization which not only excels in technical knowledge, but also one that genuinely puts your business needs first. We are therefore very pleased to have worked closely together with the HEAT-MX team. Going forward, we see this strategic partnership only further strengthening as we continue to expand our customer base across the world. "

— David Ng (Import Manager at Tai Lung Canada Ltd.)


We invite you to become part of a story that goes beyond business, into the very fabric of innovation and environmental stewardship. Choose HEAT-MX, where warmth, sustainability, and partnership are at the heart of everything we do.

Transforming Industries

HEAT-MX isn't just about staying warm; it's about transforming industries. From fashion to outdoor gear, and beyond, our technologies enable businesses to offer products that stand out in the market.

Together We Thrive

Our success is not measured by sales, but by the success of our partners. When you choose HEAT-MX, you join a collaborative ecosystem where growth and innovation are constant.

Our Promise

At HEAT-MX, we promise to deliver not just thermal insulation but a partnership that warms your business prospects. Sae Chang's legacy is not just about what we've achieved, but what we will achieve together with you.

Visionary Leadership

Sae Chang's visionary approach filters through every layer of HEAT-MX. We don't just respond to market trends; we anticipate and shape them.

January 2007 – First iPhone launch presentation

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything

– Steve Jobs

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technologies of HEAT-MX