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Discover our breakthrough technologies.

" I walk extensively...usually between 8 and 12 km a day...and I was afraid the Ice Fields (with HEAT-MX insulation material) wouldn't be warm enough, or comfortable enough for the longer walks, but they are! ... Really very pleased with them. "

— Jane Stoddard (Customer)

" Over the past several seasons, HEAT-MX Worldwide has consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of products and services. It is exceedingly rare to find an organization which not only excels in technical knowledge, but also one that genuinely puts your business needs first. We are therefore very pleased to have worked closely together with the HEAT-MX team. Going forward, we see this strategic partnership only further strengthening as we continue to expand our customer base across the world. "

— David Ng (Import Manager at Tai Lung Canada Ltd.)
Five different HEAT_MX technologies and corresponding insulation images
Why Choose Us?

Our Brand is Focused on Quality and Integrity.

HEAT-MX has the largest product portfolio in the industry. We offer thermal insulation for sports, fashion, workwear, police, military, other uniforms, home textiles, sleeping bags, food bags and more. Our award winning HEAT-MX technologies help you stay comfortable regardless of weather conditions or activity level. Packed with awesome technical features all the while benefiting the environment, you can now really enjoy the outdoors with no limitations.

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