2021-01-25  HEAT-MX launches FLAMME RETARDANT (FR-MX) Thermal Insulation product for Garment, Glove, Footwear, Home Textile applications

2021-01-14  HEAT-MX launches GLV MX for GLOVE applications

2020-08-25  HEAT-MX completes its major product upgrade project to make all of its product categories in compliance with the CLEAN RECYCLING INITIATIVE

2019 08 19  HEAT-MX cohosts with internationally renowned IDFL a technical seminar for environmental contributions of thermal insulation technologies during Preview in Seoul 2019

2019-08-12  HEAT-MX launches breakthrough nDown Technology in thermal insulation for apparel, home textiles and sleeping bag products 

2019 07 15  All Six Product Categories of HEAT-MX recognized by prestigious ISPO TEXTREND TOP OF INNOVATION AWARDS 

2018-07-16  USA, New York based FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY hosts HEAT-MX Design Contest